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High Quality Biosolids from Wastewater WE&RF Project #NTRY7R15

The overarching goal of the WE&RF project is to define criteria needed for high quality biosolids, create products that meet customer specifications, demonstrate their use, and create guidance for marketing products.

During the project, we will investigate and define specific characteristics of biosolids that will serve as a surrogate(s) for defining high quality biosolids, assuring sustainable high quality throughout use by customers. The project also includes the development of high quality biosolids products, and determining their efficacy in meeting product requirements, and address challenges that could encourage (or limit) their use in urban applications.

We are also conducting surveys with utilities to determine common factors of successful biosolids programs, which, in turn, will be used to develop a guidance tool for identifying and assessing markets for high quality biosolids based on case studies of successful programs, and test the guidance in the Washington DC regional area. Finally, the project will create a community of partners in high quality biosolids practice and use social media to engage that community and a broader audience of interested parties.”

WE&RF Marketing Webinar

Thanks to everyone who participated in the WEF webinar: Effective Marketing and Communication Strategies for High Quality Biosolids: Lessons learned in WE&RF Research (and supported by Real World data!)

The recording and video from the webinar is available now to WEF Members at no charge!

This is a report of the survey of biosolids products across the United States that have developed marketing programs to boost interest in and use of locally-produced biosolids products.

The webinar had results from a survey of producers of "branded" biosolids products for what works in generating local user interests, and it described what users report as attributes of biosolids products that they value most. Both of these contribute to a goal of showing how, with a focus on promoting quality and performance, biosolids generators can add value and bring in revenue to their enterprises.

This is the third of a series of webinars that are a part of this WE&RF project. The previous ones are available for review below.

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High Quality Biosolids Presentation

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Johnston HQB Presentation

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