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Public Trust in Utilities in an Era of Fake News

Fake news and low trust in public institutions are unfortunate realities of today. Alan Heymann, President of Blue Drop and Chief Marketing Officer of DC Water looks at ways wastewater utilities can regain and maintain trust in the public eye. Here are some of the lessons from his recent post on DC Water's Blog titled…
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Home & Garden: A New Soil Conditioner Has Several Benefits

Since DC Water announced their plans to release the product, Bloom, into the soil amendment market, people have wanted to know more. This article lists several popular biosolids based fertilizers and soil amendments. It shares some background on Bloom and provides the perspective of a scientist specializing in compost and a farmer that uses the…
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High Quality Biosolids MABA 2017 Summer Symposium

Trudy Johnston, the PI for the high quality research project and Lisa Challenger, the Task 3 Team Leader, recently presented on the goals and progress of the research project at the MABA 2017 Summer Symposium. WE&RF's project seeks to

  • Define a high quality biosolids product, beyond class A EQ.
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of a high quality product to users
  • Market the product and
  • Engage a community in social media.

This presentation focuses on the 3rd task of the project, biosolids product marketing used by the utilities.

More videos from the High Quality Biosolids Research Project can be found on the HQB YouTube Channel.

Tagro Helps Build Healthy Lawns

The Class A EQ product Tagro, produced in Tacoma, Washington, was promoted in a Q&A by horticulturist and author Marianne Binetti. "Question. We live in Bonney Lake with terrible soil. Our lawn has been mostly weeds for years. We spent a lot of money on a service that used a weed killer so we could reseed and start…
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