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High Quality Biosolids MABA 2017 Summer Symposium

Trudy Johnston, the PI for the high quality research project and Lisa Challenger, the Task 3 Team Leader, recently presented on the goals and progress of the research project at the MABA 2017 Summer Symposium. WE&RF's project seeks to

  • Define a high quality biosolids product, beyond class A EQ.
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of a high quality product to users
  • Market the product and
  • Engage a community in social media.

This presentation focuses on the 3rd task of the project, biosolids product marketing used by the utilities.

More videos from the High Quality Biosolids Research Project can be found on the HQB YouTube Channel.

Should We Expect More from Biosolids Technologies?

It’s hard to disagree. But it is also hard to agree. When a journal article declares “we should expect more from our sewage sludge,” it is hard not to bristle, at least a little, since the authors seem to presume that none of us are doing so. At least, that was my reaction while reading…
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Biosolids Messaging

Does your company or agency have a “digital communications manager?” I now hold the opinion that everyone needs one. DC Water’s such person, Andy Le, convinced me. "Be proactive with your positive message. You don’t necessarily need to react to skeptics. Social media is fragmented and it’s more important that you build up your group…
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A Biosolids Customer Focus to Resource Recovery

A Dunkin’ Donuts Approach to Biosolids At Dunkin Donuts, the cashier circles her name so I may give feedback to corporate Dunkin’ on my satisfaction with the visit.  Every tenth time or so that I use my GPS running app on the iPhone I am invited to a survey on how well it worked. As…
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